Product Review – McAlson Menswear.

First let me say being asked to review underwear was a strange but very welcome request. The great guys at McAlson Menswear sent me over a pair of their new football themed boxer shorts.

2018 is a big footballing year & in celebration of the global sporting spotlight being heavily fixed on football this summer, they’ve innovated a range of boxer shorts that offer the perfect way to really show support for your nation.

McAlson combines British preppyness, Italian finesse, French “je- ne-sais-quoi” and Belgian surrealism, which all blends into top quality products for all gentlemen.

The fit of the underwear is unlike anything I’ve worn before, it’s reminiscent of swimming shorts with the support part located at the front of the shorts supporting the important goods. With the rest of the fit being standard boxer shorts style.With the unique style fitting when you first put them on they feel strange but don’t get me wrong it’s that nice kind of strange. They soon feel like the most comfortable pair of shorts you’ve ever worn making all other shorts I own feel incredibly inferior.

It’s been a few weeks since I received my pair and thus have been through a couple of washes already, with absolutely no loss of comfort, they seem incredibly hard wearing being made from very good material.

I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and believe me I’ve never recommended any underwear to a friend before. You can purchase a pair for your self from or fill In your details on the site to be emailed a list of stockists local to you.

The man behind the award winning podcast, trying to expand the empire one podcast at a time

Ross Bell

The man behind the award winning podcast, trying to expand the empire one podcast at a time

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