Betting Corner week 5 recap week 6 bets

Article by Ross

Last week i was very pressed for time so didn't get around to writing the article on betting corner i did however place the bet and tweet it out so do make sure you are following us on twitter @manonthepost. But we only bloody went and won didn't we!

This seasons first winner

So the state of play currently looks like this, going in to last week we were -£20 but thanks to that winner we are now at +£40, we now have a bit of wiggle room in terms of going for slightly more outlandish bets as any + figure is a good figure in my books. The rules stay the same even after a win the max weekly bet is still £5.

So with that in mind here is what i have chosen for this week.

To me Arsenal v Everton feels a little like a trap game for Arsenal coming of the back of the impressive victory over Bayern playing a Everton team who didn't get going in last weeks 3 - 0 loss to Man Utd, but my philosophy for this week is to just back the better team and sorry Everton fans but Arsenal are a superior team.

Next up is Bolton v Leeds, now as you're aware by now im very pessimistic about my own team but this one has a few things going for it, firstly Bolton are bottom of the table, secondly Leeds have a new manager and after a much improved performance in midweek away at Fulham their is glimmers of hope bursting through the clouds and finally and most importantly Leeds are away, oddly we have been a much better team away from home this season.

Top of the table Brighton take on relegation candidates Preston is one that explains its self.

High flying Burton take on mid table Port Vale, Burton have started the season all guns blazing and are looking for back to back promotions so they are heavy favourites for me in this one.

And finally Oxford taking on Barnet, Oxford are flying Barnet are sinking.

So with all that in mind a £5 acca on that lot returns the surprising amount of £100.54 

After last weeks win I'm confident of keeping the ball rolling.