Fantasy Football Diary week 7

Article By Adam
So week six was a bit hit and miss. As I correctly identified my I had no overlap in my attackers and defence. However as I had hoped that overlap did not result in points for everyone. The defenders as a whole still didn't keep clean sheets and yes, as you guessed it my attackers and midfield players (with one exception) didn't score. I also need to improve my captaincy choice. On the whole it had been fairly poor so must try harder.

As for week seven I have decided not to make any changes. I can feel you judging me. Scanning  the page looking through my line up. Seeing Wayne Rooney. Well, I hear you. I feel your pain. My pain. I plan to get rid of Rooney but he is at least scoring points if only two so why would I take a potential-4 point hit to make a change and also spend some of that extra cash. And not when he is at home against Sunderland, let's let him have one more lay up. I also wanted to make the obvious changes of bringing in those form Leicester players (Vardy, Mahez) but I'll wait until they get out of a wounded Arsenal's way. So I'm going to save this change and look to make two changes next week.

As for captains choice I'm going to lock the stable door after the horses bolted. I have gone for De Bruyne although a last minute change to Rooney against Sunderland could very much happen. It's nice to have some mystery in our life isn't it?