Back to the Future: Epic Stadium

Back to the Future: Epic Stadium

Article by Colin Render

I found this picture the other day and found it quite interesting how they thought stadiums might
look in the future. I’m not sure when the article is from but it has some interesting predictions.

Fibre Glass Sliding Roof (collects rain for use in dry periods): This might not matter in England
where in rains a lot but could be a good idea to help the environment by collecting rain water to water the pitch or provide water for toilets.

Four Tier Stand & Seating for 250.000: making a stadium this size would be an immense task and I’m not sure how good a view you might get from the back of the fourth tier. Not many clubs would get anywhere near to filling the stadium, the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona would only fill it for the El Classico.

Electronic Ray is Broken When Ball Crosses Lines (flashes a light in referee’s box): This one is quite relevant with the recent development in goal line technology. Whether it is needed for all lines is debatable but it could be something that might happen in the future.

Referee Sits in Box Above the Pitch: This would not work as the referee needs to be amongst the players to deal with situations. However having the fourth (or fifth) official in a studio with a TV monitor could be used to assist the on field referee, similar to what they do in Rugby and Cricket.

Centre Circle Turns for Other Activities: Simple concept means that stadiums can be used for other sports or entertainment. With the centre circle being able to turn saves time instead of having to adapt the pitch from above and means the club would be able to bring in more revenue by having a multi-purpose stadium.

Corner Buildings for Training and Education: Most top clubs do this now; however it is at a designated training ground rather than at the stadium.Floodlights Suspended from Sliding Roof: Much better concept than four large Floodlights in the corner of the ground.

Helicopter to Land on Roof: This would make the current Leicester owner very happy, as he recently left King Power Stadium in his private helicopter.

The article suggest a cost of £2.5m, without knowing when the article was written it’s hard to tell if this is similar to today’s prices due to inflation. I would say something on this scale would easily cost over one billion pounds.