Beam Back Tuesday

The Football League are finally doing something good. They are aiming to beam back games in the Championship and League One for away fans to watch at their own ground.

On Tuesday night I was at Elland Road in their Centenary Pavilion to watch Bournemouth vs Leeds United. All it cost was £10, which included a free pie and pint (or soft drink for children). What a great deal to be able to watch the team I love without having to ride in a car for 5-6 hours on a weekday evening and then have to do the same after the game.

In attendance was 1400 happy Leeds United fans, most of them probably never get to go to away
games due to time and cost. It did make it more enjoyable that Leeds won but most were there
because they wanted to support their team and see how they are performing, win, lose or draw.

The Football League are trialling this at Championship clubs and will hopefully be able to offer it
to League One clubs. They are trying to improve the commutations at grounds so that games can
be beamed back with no delay.

3pm kick offs are not part of the scheme at the moment due to TV rights. As the scheme is introduced into more clubs, it will provide the opportunity for fans to witness for themselves the highs and lows of their team’s away trips without having to take time off work or spend loads of money on tickets and travel to some away games.

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