Dose Jose have a point?

Dose Jose have a point?

Article By Adam 

As comes with the territory of a televised game on Sky Sports Mouriniho had the weekly misfortune  to be interviewed post match by Geoff Shreeves. As the conversation developed Shreeves quickly probed Jose on the incident involving Diego Costa and the yellow card Michael Oliver awarded him for simulation. As we have come to expect from Mourinho he adamantly defended Costa and claimed that it should have been a penalty to Chelsea and not the booking that Costa has received.

This isn't the point with Jose I am trying to question, my query is regarding Shreeve’s follow up question, “Should Premier League clubs be able to challenge yellow cards and have them overturned?” As things stand in the Premier League, clubs cannot challenge a yellow card unless there has been a technical error such as a mistaken identity. But should they be able too in other circumstances?

My gut feeling is that they should. The English media hates diving and wants to see it irradiated, maybe if yellow cards could be rescinded referees could give more bookings for simulation, safe in the knowledge that if they do get it wrong, the mistake can be fixed on Monday morning. This was also an opinion that was echoed in the Monday Night Football studio. Jamie Carragher pointed out that the ability to rescind red cards stops players missing games wrongly however the culmination of yellow cards could still result in a incorrectly issued suspension. Gary Neville has first hand experience of this cruel fate as Darren Fletcher missed the 2009 Champions League final after receiving a dodgy yellow card.

The only issue could be the administrative burden that the FA maybe bombarded with. The solution of this is simple. Only overturn obvious incorrect decisions, unsuccessful appeals result in additional punishment (either another booking against the players name or a one game suspension) and large admin charges for unsuccessful appeals. After all, there needs to be something for Howard Webb to do in retirement.

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