So we come to the end of June and it’s already started. Leeds United are in CRISIS.

  • Cripes!  McDermott has to sell to buy.
  • Oh no!  We’ve lost Morison.
  • Disgraceful!  GFH have no money.
  • Carnage!  Rumours of a fans protest.

Leeds United ARE NOT in crisis.

Already I have seen discussions on the pros and cons of selling Sam Byram. Arguments over whether fans should support the club through thick and thin and buy a season ticket. Twitter has imploded with Leeds United rumours.

I am a Leeds United fan and already I'm sick of the nonsense that I'm hearing via social media. As a host on the exceptional weekly football podcast, Man On The Post, I research and discuss the activities of all major clubs, both in England and across the globe. I do not know of any other set of football fans on social media that are more volatile and kneejerk than United fans. And to clarify, by United, I mean Leeds United Football Club. I'm reclaiming the ‘United’ tag from Manchester’s second team.

It’s time to take stock of the facts. It’s not a case of being ITK (In The Know), it’s time to look AWWK (At What We Know).

Steve Morison
So he’s been sent out on a season long loan to Millwall. Many fans are questioning this decision. However, this transfer was a mistake made by a dinosaur manager/Independent columnist/Media whore known as ‘The Gaffer’ in the world of soccer literature. Morison was a swap for Luciano Becchio and a handful of magic beans.

Despite the fact that Morison was clearly not match fit, his head just wasn't right. I do believe that it takes a certain type of player to thrive at Leeds United (For example, Ross McCormack). Morison was never that type of player. For sure, he’s a good striker, and I’m sure he’ll do well at Millwall, a club where I think he fits. But I don’t see Millwall as a threat to Leeds United in the upcoming Championship campaign. Kenny Jackett is a much underrated manager in my opinion and I fail to see how Steve Lomas could do better than Jackett. For that reason, the deal makes sense. Allegedly he was on a staggering £17,000 per week at
Leeds. Not any more.

Habib Habibou recently tweeted ‘Morison LOL’. When asked to clarify whether it was good or bad for United that Morison was no longer at Leeds United, he replied ‘good’. For me, that sums up the decision by McDermott to let Morison return to his old familiar stomping ground.

Brian McDermott

The manager will do what he has to do. Sell to buy? Terrifying words for any Leeds United fan perhaps? Echoes of Howson, Snodgrass, Delph, Schmeichel and many many more. But you get the feeling that BMD (Brian of Mass Destruction) is different to the rest. Sure, you can sell Sam Byram and Tom Lees, but for all the money you make, you won’t get replacements that make the team better. BMD knows that and for that reason I rather doubt they will be sold.

Remember this, BMD is sat on a goldmine. A very young goldmine akin to fracking and finding a whole load of value from gas that the world never knew existed. Chris Dawson, Alex Mowatt, Dominic Poleon, Zac Thompson, The Turner twins and Charlie Talyor. These are guys chomping at the bit to play for Leeds United. Are they good enough? Frankly no.

But, and it’s a big BUT, they have to be given a chance. A chance to make mistakes as that is the only way they will develop. Bear in mind that Tom Lees, now a regular, often made mistakes in the white shirt. Did we berate him? No. We encouraged him. Did he learn from his mistakes? Absolutely, and that’s why he’s in the England Under 21s.

It’s great to buy players. But it’s even greater to see a home grown kid doing the business for Leeds United. Do you remember the pride and jubilation we had when a young Jonny Howson scored a 90 final at Wembley? I do and you can also remember it here:

2013/2014 Season

There are 35 days before the start of the season. Start to judge Leeds United then. There is no fan protest. We do have a good and proven and determined manager. GFH Capital have removed us of an evil, Ken Bates. We will have a new Mr. Chairman in July and I fully expect it to be David Haigh. GFH-C are working to drive out some of the terrible errors made by Bates. We haven’t taken anyone to court in a while – a plus. And I for one trust David Haigh. He’s a good guy.

Do they have the cash? No. But who in the Championship does? No-one is spending. The Championship fight will be closer than ever. Financial Fair Play comes in this season. Take a look at Brighton & Hove Albion, desperately trying to get their yearly debt down from £8m a year down to £5m. Take a look at Leicester City with high wages and a financial overspend to push them into the Premier League. That failed.

Do Leeds United have a chance of promotion next season? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But it is too early to say one way or the other. However, it is too early to start berating the club. There’s still 35 days to go. A lot can happen in 35 days.

As the late Michael Winner said in his Esure car insurance advertisements, “Calm down Dear”.

We are Leeds United. We are Marching On Together. We all want success. Bates is no longer Mr. Chairman. Warnock is no longer ‘The Gaffer’. Things are different now. Let’s give it a chance. There are still 35 days to go to the opening match against Brighton.

Calm down dear Leeds fans.


  1. Very well written article. One thing I would like to point out is no matter how much people moan on forums/twitter etc they will not change a single thing at Elland Road. I seriously doubt that anyone with any clout actually read these tweets/comments, I myself have posted many comments on the Yorkshire evening post forum, but now I realise it's a total waste of time because at the end of the day it's just a bunch of Leeds fans arguing amongst themselves which is somewhat counter productive.

  2. Thanks Dave! Your comment does make me think about what we all did with our spare time before the internet, Twitter, social media etc. came into existence? Things were certainly quieter then!!


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