Suarez makes the nation bite

Article by Sam Beesley

Yesterday I witnessed Liverpool's star man Luis Suarez commit one of the funniest offences I have ever seen on a football pitch. He had a little nibble on Ivanovic's arm. Yes I know this is wrong and he does deserve a ban for it, however a lot of the public have overreacted he didn't even leave a mark. Which is impressive considering his Gnashers !

Whilst listening to Jeremy Vine's debate show on radio 2 earlier (old man at heart) I heard a football fan phone in saying that this was much worse than the 'Cantona incident' how can anyone in there right mind say that this was worse. Cantona attacked a fan. Suarez had a nibble on the pitch. To prove I'm not bias towards him I support Portsmouth not Liverpool. The same man on the phone also said Suarez deserves a 12 month ban because football is a public game and he should be used to set an example. 

This man is wrong on all levels. First of all football is not a public game, you do not see the government paying players or running the leagues. It is a private sector that is all about money and how to exploit incidents like this in the media to make even more profits. If it was such a public disgrace I feel people would have reacted worse than laughing at and creating the twitter trend '#suarezmenu'. Secondly giving a hefty ban to set an example is worse as it shows the Fa to be corrupt which they already are with the way they give certain players worse bans than others. 

A good example of this being Fellaini who is a FA favourite  got a 3 match ban for an off the ball incident. Whereas Joey Barton got a 12 match ban for an incident which is arguably less dangerous. Thirdly making an example out of Suarez is pretty pointless as he is the only player stupid enough to do such a thing as this and a lengthy ban wont stop him doing it again, his time at ajax shows this.

Personally I feel Suarez deserves a ban because what he did was wrong however he does not deserve a lengthy ban. People get no more than a 3 match ban for a career ending tackle where legs can be broken. Suarez done no damage what so ever and I'm sure if he wanted to have done damage he could have easily. If it was up to me Luis would be getting a 2-3 match ban due to his offence being wrong on many levels although it done little if any damage to the football world or an opposing player. If the FA do give a lengthy ban I personally feel it will be a disgrace to football to stop one of the most consistently brilliant players from playing. 

Its fairly obvious now who will be player of the season though 

Sam is a Portsmouth fan and writer for , he has a personal blog here and can be found on twitter by following @SamBeesley4