1st birthday competition

To help celebrate our 1st birthday we want to give you the chance to win some prizes !!!

We have 3 prizes to give out , 1 main prize and 2 runner up prizes all you have to do is figure out our football version of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The first and last points that you have to link to will be listed below all you have to do is make the connection between the two players . The grand prize winner we get a man on the post prize pack with the runners up getting smaller but equally great prizes . All you have to win the grand prize is match the two players with the exact same matches that producer Ross has , runners up will be people that get the connections but in different ways to us. We will reveal extra clues at full time on Saturday afternoon if you are struggling.

We will work out winners by the GMT we receive the answers to contacts with your answers either Email :Ross@manonthepost.com or tweet us @manonthepost good luck and thank you for supporting us this first year we greatly appreciate it!

1) - Ashley Cole

2) -

3) -

4) -

5) -

6) - Andrew Cole