Who Supports A "Big" Club

Everyone believes they do right ?

Article by Ross Bell 

There has been lots of argument and debate over this issue especially between all the host on our podcast . What does constitute a big football club? Is it the fans? Is it the financial resources available or is it the number of trophies won?

There are some clubs who are beyond doubt on this issue such clubs as Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich and a few others.

However there are lots of clubs who claim to be big clubs and there are many different reasons for these claims. Newcastle are the perfect example they claim to be a big club but haven’t won a trophy in over 50 years. But they are a big club because of their fans. The club is the heart of the city. The whole city seems to feel the emotions of the team that’s how important Newcastle United Football Club is to the Toon Army.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool were so far ahead of the rest because of Champions League money and it started to get boring the same top four every year. However sine the arrival of the supremely rich Sheikh Mansour Manchester City have won a premier league title and a Fa Cup putting aside two dismal champions league campaigns they now are in the bracket of a big club 

Does the fact that Nottingham Forest won the European Cup twice make it a big club? Going by the form of recent years for this writer the answer would have to be no , they currently sit in the category I like to call "sleeping giants" also in that category are Leeds United & Sheffield Wednesday.

Where would you place a team such as Everton on this scale they were arguably England's biggest club in the 80's since then it's been occasionally tough and occasionally successful with a Fa Cup win and a few cup finals to their name ,they regularly finish just below the leading pack of teams and have even broken into it on one occasion but without a reasonable injection of cash they are never going to be able to properly compete over the course of the season for a title.

Any club can become a so called ‘Big Club’ with major investment but most clubs wouldn't be big clubs they would just be rich clubs, they would just be seen as big clubs because they have more financial resources than most of their peers.

For this writer at the end of the day it all comes down to the trophies you've won and the sustained seasons of being successful , Any team can fluke a Cup win that's the beauty of a knock-out competition draw at random but can you follow up that success by winning more , Blackburn & Portsmouth are two examples of teams that invested heavily but ultimately paid a dear price 

One way I have found to decide if you support a big team is if a certain Swedish striker has played for your club , This man brings success and he only plays for big teams in my opinion.

If you sign Zlatan this coming summer they you my friend have every right to claim to be a "BIG" club.