Saints sacking Nigel Adkins....

 would only be a step backwards

article by James Willoughby

Southampton have made the joint worst start to the league this season, having returned to the Premier League. This follows their successful two years where they have made consecutive promotions, finishing second in League 1 and the Championship respectively.
It is fair to say that Nigel Adkins has worked wonders at the club and has built a winning mentality around the club. So far this season thought, Saints have lost eight of their opening ten games, have just four points on the board and sit at the bottom of the league on goal difference.
There is talk about Adkins being under increasing pressure, and the theory that he is moving ever closer to the sack, but I completely disagree!
Promotion to the Premier League, as well as making more money also means increasing coverage from TV and media stations. Bookies don’t help either. The media blow things like this way out of proportion and all it does is bring uncertainty and trouble to a clubs image.

I would like to get this in the open now, because this is the part which never gets noticed and the media always choose to ignore: Nicola Cortese (Chief Exec) and Nigel Adkins have an excellent working relationship!

Nicola is a business man, but he is also very intelligent and knows that it will cause uproar amongst fans against the club if he sacked the man who has led the clubs march forward. Plus he doesn't want to sack him! Why destroy a good working relationship and cause unrest?

(I would like to emphasise at this point that I started writing the above part of the article after the West Brom game on Monday night (5th November) when the odds were against him. This second half has been delayed due to work commitments but what has happened over the past few days shows that what I was saying above was spot on!)

Thursday 8th November 2012 – ADKINS IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

The headline! This is what has been said for the past two days. It’s incredible how wrong the media can be, yet you can ask anyone that knows the club (like me) and you can get a lot more precise and accurate information.
In the pre-match press conference today Adkins has stated how they both have an excellent working relationship, and they are both striving for the same goal and various situations will be assessed as the season go on.
The Saints are heading onwards and upwards, with no unrest behind the scenes, as Nigel would say: “Together As One”.

I Will be keeping up to date with my club throughout.