Not So Super Leeds

Neil Warnock

Article By Ben Dixon 

So after another painful and uninspiring defeat Leeds fans are left feeling that another season is slipping down the drain. So many problems are surrounding the club and its fans at the moment that it is no surprise that the performances on the pitch are suffering in the way that they are, and Leeds fans are left feeling disheartened every Saturday afternoon and Tuesday night. The team have won only one of the last 7 league games, which for a team expecting promotion is not good enough.

There are so many reasons for this it’s quite tricky to know where to start. The main problem of course is the takeover.  Every single Leeds United fan has had enough. 6 months has passed since the first stories started circulating about a potential takeover. That’s a total joke. Patience is being lost by the fans, and the potential new owners aren’t really endearing themselves too well. Sure there’s all the twitter banter with the fans and all the “Come On Leeds” tweets from Messrs Haigh and Patel, which at first was a novelty to the fans, but is now wearing very thin on the ground, with their main use now being to confirm if the takeover is still taking place. In fact, it’s got to the stage now where I personally would just like to see an end to it whatever the outcome. At least that gives the team and supporters an idea of what is happening. Even if it means having to put up with Bates for a bit longer. I’d rather that than the dire straits we’re in at the moment. So Mr Haigh and Mr Patel, if by any chance you’re reading this. Get a fucking move on. Cheers.

In the dugout however Neil Warnock isn’t the most loved man in Leeds at the moment either. His tactics are questionable at best, and many fans have had enough of his hit and hope football that we have seen far too much of this season. He insists on putting Danny Pugh on the bench, and even more inexplicably, Michael Brown on the actual pitch. Now Brown is alright for when you want to maim the opposition, but he doesn’t have enough quality for a promotion chasing team.  This decision is even more baffling when you see who he is keeping out of the team. David Norris and Paul Green, in my opinion, would be much better choices to play in centre midfield. More creativity and less of a liability. Brown could, and probably should have been sent off against Brighton. Another decision that has been questioned in recent weeks is Warnock’s refusal to include Ryan Hall. If you ask any Leeds fans what the team needs most, an alarming majority would say a pacey winger. Ryan Hall is a pacey winger. But Warnock for some reason sees fit to play a left full back out of position on the right wing. Sorry but I’m not buying that. You’ve just signed a nippy young winger, but haven’t given him a chance near the first team bar 10 minutes v Birmingham. Why? Surely an injection of pace is just what our sluggish looking team needs at this moment. His lack of the subs bench has also attracted criticism recently, with his apparent reluctance to use it leaving some fans questioning his tactics.

It’s all very easy to blame the manager for all that’s going wrong , but let’s not forget about the players. Too many haven’t turned up in recent weeks. Lee Peltier springs to mind. He has looked error prone since he arrived, and his tackle that gave away the penalty at Brighton summed up his season so far. Sloppy. But it’s not just him. Varney, bar a decent performance against Southampton, has been awful. White has been pretty non-existent. Brown we already know about. And Rodolph Austin has looked lethargic in the last 5 games he’s played. In fact, only a few players have consistently performed this season. Kenny, Pearce, Lees, Byram and Diouf. The rest have been average at best.  It’s just about forgivable when the fans see some effort from the under-performing players, but more often than not it’s just a shrug of the shoulders and a saunter back into position.

Tonight’s defeat leaves Leeds United 15th in the table, a massive 9 points away from the automatic promotion places. And the most worrying thing is that I can’t see things changing quickly, apart from the manager. If Warnock decides he’s had enough of being fucked about by this takeover and Ken Bates I can see him walking. And I personally wouldn’t blame him. Nor do I think it would be the worst thing for the club. I’m not saying Warnock Out. I’m saying that I can see him leaving, and if he does, then personally I think it’s fair enough.  Something needs to change, and preferably that should be the owners and the way the club is run. Losing Warnock would be a shame, given that we wouldn’t have been able to see what he could have done with money, which I still believe would be promotion. It’s now just a case of getting the takeover done, and somehow hanging on to the play-off places until January. That could be easier said than done with morale lower than it has ever been around the fans. Salem, Dave, for the good of the team. Please hurry up. 


  1. Ben the reason we are where we are us the squad is primarily made up of players who finished in the bottom half of he championship withreir last clubs. They work harder than the last squad but ultimately we have no magic and imagination like Gradel or Snodgrass could give us.


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