Roy Hodgson – Player Call Up

article by James Willoughby

Firstly, I would like to say that I think Roy is the right man for the England job. He has earned it and deserves to be given a chance.

One thing however which puzzles me sometimes is his squad selections.

Let me elaborate: After Rio Ferdinand (I believe) pulled out of the Euro squad back in the summer, the kind of player we should’ve been looking for is another CB, someone with experience to cover this position.

What did Roy do? He called up Martin Kelly, a young inexperienced Liverpool RB. And when the squads were announced the other week when Frank Lampard had to pull out, who did he call up? Another Liverpool player, namely Jonjo Shelvey who has done, well, nothing really. He also called up Andy Carroll, who had spent the previously four weeks out injured, and guess where he is on loan from, you guessed it, Liverpool!

Surely it would've made more sense to call up players that have been constantly playing and have earned it. Players such as Rickie Lambert who was on fire scoring goals here and there never got a look in, despite proving that he can do it at every level in his career. Leon Osman is another one who has never got anything, not even a look. I just wonder whether there is some sort of bias towards his former employers…

It would be nice if for once, the England squad could be picked based not on who they play for or how ‘big-a-name’ they are, but on their form. This is what is missing from international football now. It used to be an honour, now it is just a ‘media appearance’ to some.

James is a Southampton fan and can be found on Twitter Here