Commentators:- The Good, The Bad…

And the ugly

I may be turning a bit more Victor Meldrew as I reach the grand old age of 34, but commentators and post match pundits seem to be doing my head in more and more, to the point where I nearly turned off the Radio 5 Live commentary last week. I just couldn’t bear Alan Green anymore! So below are a few in the world of
punditry and commentating and my thoughts on them (I don’t have Sky by the way so I can’t do a 20 page article on my thoughts of Gary Neville, much as I’d like to!)….

The Good
Lee Dixon – A very good post match pundit I think. Everything he says appears to be considered and intelligent and I quite like the fact that when he talks about Arsenal it’s a subject he speaks with obvious passion about.

Mike Ingham – His voice is well suited to commentary and he has a wonderful way of describing what is happening to help us paupers without Sky picture what is happening.

Jimmy Armfield – Forgotten more about football than pretty much anyone else will ever know. Despite his advancing years he still has a keen eye for detail and can call correctly what has happened without the need of a replay. Doesn’t come over “back in my day too”.

Lawro – I know, but what can you do, he’s my guilty pleasure! I love his crap jokes and campness but he does also speak some sense

Peter Drury – He does have a really good voice for commentary and a perfect way of capturing the moment with his words. A point being when Messi scored his mazy Champions League goal in the semi final after dribbling his way through the defence. No histrionics from Drury, just “wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful” in a tone of bewilderment at what he had just seen. Also called Messi “supernatural” which is probably the best description of him I’ve heard.

The Bad
Alan Shearer – the fact that he’s a pro and been there and played the game can only help him so much, after all most football fans also play and therefore can put ourselves in that situation. I don’t think he adds anything at all to the post match analysis on MOTD.

Alan Green – A fantastic commentator when describing the action but I think he seems to believe he has this persona to live up to either as a fans mouthpiece or as someone who is expected to give a controversial opinion. I DON’T CARE; JUST TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING!

Andy Townsend – My oh my where do I start? Has the same failings as Shearer but only slightly more bearable

Colin Murray – Has ruined Fighting Talk on Five Live and now he is making MOTD2 virtually unwatchable. Thinks he’s funny and can take the mick out of the guests and pundits in a matey way. I’m waiting for the day when Lee Dixon grabs him by the shirt and throws him back over the sofa!

The Ugly
Martin Keown – Only kidding, he’s actually really good.

Special mentions go to Mark Pougatch, Jason Roberts, Jonathan Pearce, Matt Holland and John Murray. Please as well could someone find a place on the TV for Gabrielle Marcotti and James Richardson. Marcotti’s Game podcast are a must for any football loving commuter and Richardson was the best thing about Gazetta Football Italia (as well as watching Zidane for Juve every week).

These are just my opinions, but I’d love to hear what others think. I think everyone has an opinion on these people as we have no choice but to sit and listen to them!

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