The Diving Rule

Article by James Willoughby

I think if you asked anyone what rule/law should be changed in football, the first thing to pop into their heads would be "Goal-line Technology"

However I think differently , I have thought of something that is becoming more of a occurrence in the modern game, and something can be done to stamp it out. My topic would be the rule on `Diving`

We have all seen the likes of Didier Drogba , Ashley Young , Cristiano Ronaldo etc fake some sort of  injury to win free kicks and penalties or worse , to send players off from the opposite team. (as we recently saw in the Crawley vs Portsmouth match) 

Having thought about this subject for a long time i have come up with something that woud stamp it out.

My Proposal : Any player caught diving in a match should be sent off, and should be given a automatic 3 match ban with no appeal.

The amount of pressure on referees these days is ridiculous but i dont think they shouldn't simply book players, because this seems to be a slap on the wrist punishment. I think by changing this rule it would make players would try and stay on their feet more rather than trying to win cheap free kicks as we see players do now, The sad thing is that youngsters, aged maybe 8-16 years old are watching their idols perform these theatrical dances to the ground and i myself have seen team mates of mine do that to , and to be quite frank it is pathetic.

Send the players off , Review the footage at the end of the game between the officials and if they believe it to be a legitimate dive then the ban should stand , I hate seeing players influence decisions in games that effectively influence the league table.

Start toughening up on the rules or this `acting`will continue to play a part in the sport ...!