Withdrawal Symptoms

By Ben Dixon 

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So, we’ve reached the time of the year that all football fans dread. Summer. Not only is the weather absolute bollocks, there’s no football on either. Instead we are left to over analyse rumours, fret about losing our best players to teams marginally better than ourselves, and get excited about our clubs being linked with a foreign player you’ve never heard of and then proceeding to watch every YouTube video possible of them. This is then almost always followed by the disappointment as you realise that nothing will come of these over exaggerated rumours.

If you are a Leeds fan though, this summer is promising a lot more than previous ones. I am of course talking about this so called investment which is currently being taking place. Quite why it is taking so long is beyond me. Every day there are people saying “It’s definitely going to be announced tomorrow at 2pm” or “I saw some Arabs in Leeds so it’s going to be announced tomorrow”. It’s got to the stage where everyone is so sceptical about anyone knowing anything that nothing is being taken seriously. I suppose this will add to the relief and pure joy when it is officially announced that Ken Bates has gone.

However it isn’t just the proposed takeover that is exciting Leeds fans. Neil Warnock has a track record for rejuvenating championship clubs and it is clear that he already has high hopes for Leeds. 4 new faces signed and many more still to come apparently. The stand out signing amongst these is of course Paddy Kenny. This is a brilliant move from Warnock who can’t speak highly enough of the goalkeeper having now signed him on 4 separate occasions. He has built a very solid looking back 5 now which can only be encouraging after a season of shambolic defending last year.

His main focus should now be keeping our few stand out players from last year. Having already seen Adam Clayton depart to Huddersfield having not being able to agree a new deal the focus is now on Robert Snodgrass and Ross McCormack and whether Warnock can persuade them to stay. Offers have already been rejected for McCormack and there is a lot of Premier League attention on Snoddy. Paul Lambert is a known admirer of the Scot and is apparently putting a bid together for him. However I think Snodgrass would prefer to win promotion as captain of Leeds than be a fringe player at a team like Villa.

Away from Leeds, Rangers have been having a bit of a mare lately and today got the news that they would be playing in Division 3 of the Scottish Football League. Whilst I understand why Rangers need to be punished, I don’t understand why with such severity. Surely the SPL must realise that interest in it will plummet with only 1 team likely to win the league? The only match that got it any publicity was the Old Firm Derby. Now that’s gone I’m struggling to see the appeal of this low quality of football any more. Not that it impressed me much in the first place. Another big story this week has been John Terry’s racism trial. After 5 days he has been found not guilty of racism. Although I'm not his biggest fan as a person I can never fault his effort on the pitch and this verdict means he can focus fully on performing at his best with no cloud over his head and tag of being a racist. And anyway. Both the Ferdinands are a pain in the arse.

So hopefully a busy pre-season lies ahead for Leeds. If this takeover is completed swiftly then it will free up funds for Warnock to improve his squad and get Leeds United promoted back to where they belong. The Premier League. But that’s still a long way off. In the mean time there’s not much to do but check your clubs website every half an hour and count the days until football starts again. 35 in case you were wondering. Hurry up. Please.


  1. I'm getting a bit weary of the Leeds will it/won't it happen takeover talk. Still think Leeds have some work to do to 1) keep the better players and 2) build a Championship promotion capable squad.

    That said, I think you can count on 2 hands, the quality players in the 24 teams in the Championship. I've absolutely no idea who's going to do well, or badly, this season. Everyone seems very close in ability.

  2. i think you have to look at Blackburn as the favourites to go up this year they have made some excellent signings so far in Danny Murphy and Leon Best they could combine to devastating effect

  3. I think that a main factor in Leeds promotion ambitions is not who we bring in, but who we keep. Snodgrass is been very strongly linked with Villa today and Mccormack has had rumours with Huddersfield. If these two go then I struggle to see Leeds getting promotion. Blackburn, Leeds and Birmingham for me

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