Roy Hodgson: Good or Bad?

By James Chrystal @Chrystof_21

It's February 8 2012 and Capello has just walked out before a major tournament over a row with the FA over John Terry.
Many (like myself) were delighted at the fact that a manager who never made a great impression has quit, with others however shocked at the fact that the English manager has just left his job months before a major tournament with only two friendlies left to play. But have no fear everyone, our knight in shining armour Harry Redknapp will take the job, win the euros and we'll look back at how stupid we were not appointing him in the first place. WRONG Harry Redknapp never was even offered the job, why? He never stated once that he would like to have it, every interview or press conference he attended he was always very cold on the subject of the England job, always making out that there are other candidates looking at the job and even stated that there are better candidates. Within a couple of months the matter was solved with Roy Hodgson being appointed and the whole country being urged to get behind him and do his job.

The Hodgson appointment was strange to many but to me I think it was good. A manager with international experience, always appears calm when managing and of course is English himself. The only thing I have seen of Hodgson that I dislike so far is his squad and team selections. As a Manchester City fan I cant help but wonder why Micah Richards Isn't going, He's been part of the best defence in the Premier League this season and has impressed in both going forward and defending, I'm sure I'm not just saying that due to my bias as lots of Manchester United fans have said the same thing. I also can't believe why Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick aren't going, the only two players I believe to have been consistent for the club and were the only reason they could keep up with city throughout most of the season. The decision to take John Terry has also shocked me, he cheated on his wife with his team-mates partner and has been shown to of made racist remarks to Rio Ferdinand's brother Anton, would you really want this man representing your nation and would the players want him in the dressing room?

Aside from what I would class as a poor team selection I still believe Roy has done a good job for the time he has had it. The two friendlies he played against Norway and Belgium were considered poor with England only beating both teams 1-0, but I don't see anything wrong with that. England rarely ever looked like conceding in either of the friendlies no matter who the central defensive partners were and with Joe Hart in net England could not ask for a much better keeper on the rare occasion that we allow a goal scoring opportunity to our opponents. It's the chances on goal that worry most people as England in the friendlies tended to score in the first half then settle with the one goal, a tactic that is great against the poorer teams but doing that against France when players like Ribery, Nasri, Benzema, Giroud and Valbuena come looking for an equalizer our solid defence could quickly become undone. This will be the same whenever we play a good attacking side as England lack the ability to keep possession and could allow pressure on the defence.

Whatever happens in the upcoming Euros to England I believe we should stay behind Hodgson and give him a few years before we start calling for his head because he didn't give us international success or he didn't play the "English way" by lining up the team each match in a predictable 4-4-2. Hodgson's international work is all about the long term as it was in his previous jobs, take Switzerland for example, when he managed them he focused on their defence and not leaking goals (as he also appears to be doing with England) years later in 2010 his work showed and they were the only team to beat the eventual champions of Spain even if they did do it under another manager. He could do the same with England and even if he's not the long term manager he could fire us to some glory days and finally allow football to come home.

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