My top Euro 2012 bets

My top Euro 2012 bets by @Ccspot our resident tipster 

1) England to be eliminated at the quarter finals. With a potential quarter final against Italy or Spain from group C awaiting England in the next round this could be a hurdle to big for England to overcome. Odds 6/4 £1 bet returns £2.50
2) England group points 6-7. After Englands draw with France they will look to pick up two seamingly easy wins over two weaker sides on paper. So this bet should be more or less guaranteed return. Odds 2/1 £1 bet returns £3
3) Russia to reach the semi final. I think Russia stand a good chance of reaching this stage of the tournament largely to the great form of Dzagoev which will be boosted by the fact that Russia have faired well at previous tournaments with a win over Holland and can seek help from this experience with a few players remaining from that game. Odds 11/8 £1 bet returns £2.38
4) Tournament winner from Group B. With 3 teams in this 'group of death' that are ranked inside the top ten in the world and Denmark ranked 11 then there is a high chance of the winner coming from this group. Odds 11/8 £1 bet returns £2.38 
5) Denmark to reach the final. The final bet of my top 5 is one with an outside chance of happening. Although after a surprise win over Holland, they stand a good chance over gaining enough points of escaping the group of death. A possible quarter final against a group A opponent puts strength behind this bet. Odds 11/1 £1 bet returns £12
If anyone takes my advice then good luck