Interview with The Football Ramble's Marcus Speller

Marcus is front and centre 
We would like to begin this post with a Thank you to Marcus for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in this interview with us , Lets dive right in.

Motp - When the football ramble first started did you believe it would become the internet behemoth that it now is ?

Marcus - I didn't but I thought we could do something worthwhile. It's all about the little victories you build on. We didn't become big overnight. It's taken 5 years of hard work and dedication to get ourselves where we are now.

A Coat to make Motty proud

Motp – How did the whole idea of doing the podcast come about in the first place ?

Marcus - Luke and I used to do student radio together. A few years after we had graduated it was suggested we should do a podcast as they were just coming into the public's attention more and more. I got in touch with Luke and two others who are no longer on the pod and it began.

Motp – When it came to who settled on becoming the host was it always decided that you would host or did it just come as a natural step ?

Marcus - I anchored the student radio show we did as no one else would do it. I didn't fancy anchoring at the start but someone needed to and I eventually got my feet under the desk and we were away.

Motp – Did you all know each other before the Ramble began , how did you come to the decision to replace Chris Apples with ITV2’s Pete Donaldson

Marcus - I knew Jim and Luke before the Ramble. Chrissy Apples decided that the Ramble wasn't for him so we were a three man band for a little while. If you listen to the Euro 2008 show there's only the three of us on there. Luke knew Pete previously and got him involved much to the delight of everyone, especially the listeners.

Motp - In the 5 years what would you describe as "the vintage ramble moment"?

Marcus - There's been some wonderful moments on there. It's difficult to pick one, so I won't. I'll pick a few. We've had many laughs but also some good chat, I think. We got overwhelmingly good feedback when we spoke about England's 4-1 defeat to Germany at the World Cup in South Africa. A massive laugh on the podcast was during the Carlos Valderrama profile. When I said that Carlos had a brother called Alan, Jim immediately said, "Alan Valderrama!" That made us laugh for about five minutes. Some of the laughter was left in and put at the end of the show but about 2-3 minutes was edited out. I'd also have to put in any mocking of Andy Gray and Richard Keys as it simply had to be done to those two silly sausages. 

Motp - what is your favourite football memory?

Marcus - Growing up in Edinburgh I used to get a little bit of the infamous Scottish anti-English behaviour but nothing terrible. However, when England were drawn against Scotland in Euro 96 I knew I would get it bad if we lost. I was rather nervous watching that match but when Gascoigne scored I knew I would be spared of any of that nonsense. The fact it was a beauty made it even better. Marvellous moment.

Motp - What is essential to a good footballing podcast? and Were there any key components for the Ramble to achieve its rise to fame?

Marcus - You have to have a different blend of personalities that work together. If everyone is stepping on each other's toes or no one is leading or nobody is offering something a little different then it can sound a bit too chaotic, predictable or dull. The four of us each bring something different to the table but work together as a unit. The more serious chat as well as the laughs need to flow naturally and cannot be contrived in any way too.

Motp -  what doors has presenting one of the internet's leading football podcasts opened for you that you never imagined would be possible ?

Marcus - I didn't imagine myself being asked into a twenty four hour news room for my thoughts on the World Cup draw.

Motp – we are currently 6 podcasts in and we have already been labelled 'boring', 'uncharismatic' and 'fucking idiots', how do you handle all the “idiots/keyboard warriors” who just seem determined to hate everything ?

Marcus - People will always find things to moan at. If you believe in what you're doing and are making progression then don't worry about what idiots are saying. When one starts worrying about what morons think you're always going to be in trouble.

Motp – Who normally Edits the podcast’s and how long does a regular show take to record , what im really saying is how many out takes do you normally have after a show?

Marcus - Pete normally edits the show. We often do the show in one take but our tendency to mess around means we sometimes take a little longer. We don't often need more than one take with things. The bits you hear at the end of the show are just crap we've been chatting about before we've started recording.

Motp - Our podcast is very much a work in progress at the moment and we as a team are beginning to gel well. What's the best way to take the podcast further now we are more comfortable with each other.?

Marcus - Play to each other's strengths. See how you get the best out of each other during the podcast. The anchor should lead on this as he's the one who dictates the play. He is the Andrea Pirlo of the pod with the others waiting for him to feed them the balls.
Also, you need a good product before you go touting it around the internet. Fortunately not many people heard our very early efforts but we grew and got better. Once we had something we really started pushing it.

Once again thank you very much to Marcus you can find him on twitter Here and also download the football  ramble podcast each and every week on iTunes