FM18 - Truro Tales

FM18 is here and whilst it's taken me a little while to get fully in to the game this year I'm now all set up for my first & hopefully only long term save.

This years team of choice is a slightly odd pick I know. I'll be honest but after listening to Extra Time's host Chris bang on about the delights of his beloved Cornwall, I've decided to pitch up in Truro and see if can spark a new era for the residents of the want-away independent county. 

My overall aim for this save is of course to make us the biggest team in the world, that is,  shall we call it, the long term plan. In the short term we need to get into the EFL and all the riches that brings.

We rock up at Treyew Road to find the the playing squad in good spirits, they clearly respect me as an 'Ex Sunday' league player with my shiny new National C License pinned to my chest. I assume it's a badge rather than a certificate. The financial situation however leaves something to be desired, independe…

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